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Luna Nera is discussed in depth in Helen Potkin's chapter "In-habiting site: contemporary art practices within the historical interior" in Performance, Fashion and the Modern Interior: From the Victorians to Today edited by Fiona Fisher, Trevor Keeble, Patricia Lara-Betancourt London: Berg, 2011.

Gillian McIver ed. Research in site-speciifc/site responsive art

Julian Ronnefeldt "Cold Store" --->

Gillian McIver "The 30 Second Dilemma: the fall and rise of video art" --> pdf [paper given at the University of Valencia]

Gillian McIver review of Vidifestival Valencia 2006, A-N Reviews Online -->

Luna Nera "Artistic Experimentation & Urban Change:Luna Nera at the Mattatoio” pdf --->

Gillian McIver "Intervention & Imagination in the Fragmented City: Luna Nera in Belfast" pdf --->

Gillian McIver "Life & Art in a Forgotten Russian Town" ---> pdf [published in Crosswalk 1.v2. 2005]

Gillian McIver "Art as Collective Cultural Action: art groups and collaborative practices" --> [published in Contexts autumn 2003]

Hilary Powell "Heroes of Labour" ART MARGINS 2003

Hilary Powell "Navigating History" ART MARGINS 2003

Hilary Powell "Way Station" -->

Sandrine Albert "Rooms, murmurs and memories" -->

Sandrine Albert "Artists's Dialogue" -->

Sandrine Albert "Time/Space/Media /Practice"  -->

Gillian McIver "Lab Rats for Art: the Weimar Backup Festival Loungelab 2002" -->

Gillian McIver "Artists Initiatives in Moscow" --> [published Variant 2002 and reprinted in Contexts 2003]

Gillian McIver "Framing the 20th Century: some thoughts on the cyborg shadow" -->

Luna Nera is also featured in DIY Survival (pub 2005 by C6) ISBN 0-9550664-9-2 article by Gillian McIver
and in Networkbook for Urban P/Arts, published by Citymine(d) ISBN 0-9547260-0-6

Luna Nera talks, presentations, papers, workshops etc.
Platform for Urban Interventions
Luna Nera, City Mined, Transgressive Architechture and others presented a Forum discussing urban interventions, together with a screening of interventionist projects, an exhibition and an address by keynote speaker Saskia Sassen.
see website
"Video Art in Public Space" The School of Art and Design, Valencia [Valentina Floris]
"The 30 Second Dilemma: the fall & rise of video art" Academy of Fine Art, University of Valencia, conference of the International Festival of Video Art Valencia 2006 [Gillian McIver]
Permanent Experiment: site-responsive art practice in context” British Art Show 06 Sideshow Symposium, Nottingham 2006 [Gillian McIver]
"Artistic Experimentation & Urban Change" Accademia dell Arte Roma, exMattatoio [Gillian McIver]
Collaboration as practice: Luna Nera, collective action and experimentation Collision UNiversity of Victoria Canada 2005 [Gillian McIver]
Luna Nera at Champ Libre, Montreal, 2004 [Hilary Powell & Gillian McIver]
Luna Nera at Hull Time Based Arts, Critical Platform, 2004 [Hilary Powell & Gillian McIver]
Luna Nera at University of Exeter, SITE Symposium, 2004 [Hilary Powell]

Luna Nera at Ruskin College. Oxford University 2003 [Gillian McIver]


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