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Founded by Gillian McIver, Valentina Floris and Sandrine Albert, Luna Nera was established as a live art artist-curator organization based in London but operating internationally.

Through performance, installation, film and other art forms, Luna Nera aims to stimulate interest in the environmental and architectural heritage of localities. By asking the audience to re-look at sites in a new way, Luna Nera addresses a series of issues around ideas of society, community, history, memory and public space. Though Luna Nera is currently dormant in terns of active on-site projects, the group remains concerned with exploring the conjunction of art and the urban, including developing theory and practice of site-specific/site-responsive work, through film screenings, text, talks and workshops.


Luna Nera operates as a kind of mobile institute of urban projects, as a network of projects and persons. We commission local and international artists to produce live and visual site-responsive works. We make on-site residencies and researches, and have created a number of large-scale live and visual art events in disused premises, including:

  • The Old Colosseum, a Victorian theatre London
  • The House of Detention, a 17thC underground prison London
  • former factory spaces, London, Berlin and Zürich
  • Natwest Bank building , London
  • Electricity Plant, Russia
  • Former naval base buildings, Russia
  • Tram depot, Weimar
  • St Pancras Chambers, former Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras Station London
  • Former Harland & Wolff shipyard Head Offices, Belfast – once the largest shipyard in the world, where the Titanic was designed and built.
  • the derelict Kingsland Estate in Hoxton


Luna Nera’s film and video work, including artistic documentation of their projects has been shown in many festivals and venues including:

  • Art Moscow;
  • the Institute of Contemporary Art London;
  • Gallery 291 in London;
  • the 6e Bienniale Champ Libre Manifestation Internationale Vidéo Et Art Électronique, Montréal;
  • the Paradise Bunker, Berlin;
  • the Atelier des Artistes d’Alexandrie, Egypt;
  • the Central Exhibition Hall St Petersburg;
  • 00130Gallery Helsinki;
  • the VidiFestival Valencia,
  • the Optica touring festival to Spain and Latin America
  • TINAG Festival London;
  • Factory-Berlin;
  • Loophole Berlin;

Artists working with Luna Nera include Julian Ronnefeldt / Ben Foot /Agnes Domke / The Tiger Lillies / Dirizhable / Marissa Carnesky / J. Milo Taylor / Chris Singer / Evil Moisture / The Toolroom Salon / Mamaloucos Circus / Hop Theatre /Decaer Pinga / Starkstrom / Bonbon Chaotica / Dirtbox / Claudine Schaeffer-Legrand / The Jesus Underground / Bingo / Caia Matheson / Nicola Green and Jairo Zaldua / Liliana Klimova / Michael Park / Mark Squire / Lennie Lee / Mark Video / Stephanie Crouail / Derek Hart / Charro Ramirez / Peter Findlay / Stelios Styllianou / Cos Ahmet / Elfie Brandther / Stephanie Mas / Jo Vox / Juana Serrat / David Remondo / Rey Akdogan / Sumer Erek / Jenny Brockmann / Michael Alstad / Kelty McKinnon / Liane Lang / Derek Szteliga / Nazir Tanbouli / Leo Koenigsberg / Joel Cahen / Luc Boikler / Minnie Weitz / Derek Szteliga / Helen Frosi / Kunstlergruppe TRO / Natasha Mayran / Andrey Suzdalev and Olga Khan / Trish and Dan Scott /

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